Idea Validation Hotline with Harvinder Bhatia

Dear Members,Mentoringguidance lies at the core of TiEs philosophy and culture!It is said that Nothing can stop the power of anIDEAwhose time has comebut it is also critical tovalidateif YOURIDEAhas t  … READ MORE

Business Guidance Camp – September 2018

BGC is one on one mentoring session with a mentor – who is a senior entrepreneurprofessional to address abusinesschallenge you are facing and obtain strategicguidanceand advice on the same. The BGC is  … READ MORE

Business Builder Evening with Ashish Sharma

About Speaker :Ashish SharmaAshish Sharma is the MD & CEO at InnoVen Capital India.Prior to joining InnoVen, Ashish served as the President & CEO of GE Capital, India, where his responsibilities inclu  … READ MORE

TiE Mumbai – NASSCOM 10000 Startups India Fintech Day 2018

The FinTech revolution, continues to usher in exciting and innovative solutions using next generation technology. One of the key developments has been the active and extensive collaboration between in  … READ MORE

TiE Mumbai Member Mixer – September 2018

Member mixer is an opportunity to informally network with fellow members, TiE Mumbai team over wine and cheese. We are excited to organise the next mixer and look forward to having your presence.As a   … READ MORE

US Delegation

TiE Mumbai & AWS are putting together an itinerary and visit some of the Tech Companies, Startups and Investors. Also looking to showcase some of our finest startups delegation to the investor communi  … READ MORE

MasterClass on Becoming a Lead Investor with Sanjay Mehta

MasterClass on Venture Investing with Sanjay MehtaVenture investing is not about theory and practice alone. At this masterclass the main goal is to challenge your curiosity, train you to notice detail  … READ MORE