Past Events


Spot Mentoring |

We are a community of Retail practitioners striving to nurture technological innovation across the Retail and Consumer businesses. Spot Mentoring is one of ours another initiative to identify ideas an  … READ MORE

TiE Institute : Learn How to Scale Your Startup

TiE Mumbai is pleased to partner with the TiE Entrepreneur Institute a program by TiE Seattle to help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs on how toscale their business and the session will be execu  … READ MORE

Venture Investing Masterclass with Sanjay Mehta

About the Program:Running a business is very different from investing in one. So how do you make money from investing in early-stage startups? What sets successful startup investors apart? Should you   … READ MORE

How to be IPO-ready from day one?

Topics will be Covered:The Why of IPOs: IPO v. M&AThe When of IPOs: When is a company ready to list?The How of IPO: Share lock-ins, ESOP treatment, advertising restrictions, key stepsThe Who of IPOs:   … READ MORE

TiE Mumbai Member Mixer

Member mixer is an opportunity to informally network with fellow members, TiE Mumbai team over wine and cheese. We are excited to organise the next mixer and look forward to having your presence.As a   … READ MORE