TiE Mumbai – MyCFO Mentoring Clinic – Finance & Business Model

Offering personalized One on One interaction with Mentorprofessionals on specific topics within Finance and Business Modelstrategy.  … READ MORE

Surviving & Thriving in a Post-Covid Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic was a black swan event that impacted lives and businesses. As thelockdown across India is relaxed and businesses start opening, are you starting to think of growingand thriving i  … READ MORE

What is your Core Story: Define your Story, and let the story define you

A communication workshop with TIE.Speaker:RAJARSHI ROYRajarshi Roy is founder and CEO of two niche media companies namely Raa Media, and SperoMedia Concepts. While Raa specializes in creating quality   … READ MORE

Mentoring Session with Peachtree Management Advisors

Mentors :Vinod Keni – Co-Founder &Partner, PeachtreeManagement AdvisorsMani Padmanabhan – Partner, PeachtreeManagement AdvisorsFrancis Bruce – Manager,PeachtreeManagement AdvisorsRevenue Income & Part  … READ MORE

Finance for Non Finance Founder

Masterclass: Day 1Understanding types of capitalType of capital – Impact on books of accountsOverview of debt and cash flow ratiosUnderstanding concepts of business returns RoI RoE15 minutes with a C  … READ MORE

Ganesh Natarajan In Conversation with Mark Jankelsson | 5F Winning Corporate Culture

Speakers :Ganesh Natarajan – Founder and Chairman, 5FWorldMark Jankelsson – HR Advisor & Chairman, Social Venture Partners Melbourne.A little about Mark :Mark has a special interest in mentoring and c  … READ MORE