Let your home become an epitome of this change in lifestyle and luxury. It’s time to seamlessly integrate your home with NUOS smart automation and experience a new lifestyle, a new ethos.

Key Focus

  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Smart Security
  • Indulgent Comfort

Reculta aims at helping institutions and companies come together to conduct hassle-free recruitment processes with the aid of analytics and visualization tools


Its focus is primarily in the ‘On-Campus’ recruitment space and works both with institutions and companies to help them make better recruitment decisions

Our waste management systems create a significant impact for our customers’ in enhancing their marketable commitment to the environment while reducing their carbon footprint. These technology solutions assure our customers’ peak standards of sustainability across the entire product life cycle with low operating costs and valuable resource recovery.

Factors that make us unique:

    • Winner of National and International awards in recognition of our innovative environmental technologies.
    • Passionate to deliver exceptional value to our customers and create a significant impact on the environment.
    • Committed to innovation, long-term brand development, disciplined sales execution and focused cost management.

eLaundry is an affordable on demand laundry and dry cleaning service provider.

Team eLaundry aspires to provide you convenience of One Point Solution for everything one can think to be washed and dry cleaned. Our goal is to give you delightful experience every morning you open an eLaundry bag.

Students, professionals, working couples and families have experienced and appreciated eLaundry services.

With extensive experience of manufacturing processes and practices, ClairViz has developed robust, reliable and scalable products for “Smart Manufacturing” . Our products are enabling customers to achieve quick ROI and delivering profitable sustainable Data Driven Growth.

Running a business is hard enough, finding a space to transact your business shouldn’t make it impossibly harder. Nor should you always run the risk of screaming children, loudly chattering groups and a lap or laptop full of hot coffee just as you’re trying to close a deal.

So how can you get the perfect space to work, when you want, as you want?

It’s pretty simple really, just register or login as a Customer. We will bring you comprehensive choices in both short term office spaces for rent as well as longer term office spaces for lease.