The mission of the Program

TiE Mumbai endeavors to build & develop lead investors in the ecosystem currently.

TiE Mumbai is on a mission to empower followers in Angel groups, corporates, family offices & other syndicates with the right set of tools and knowledge to lead investments and increase the total quantum of startups being developed in the ecosystem, and scale up overall investments!

TiE Mumbai has successfully completed 3 cohorts with a total of 150+ investors created who now have started to lead deals in their ecosystems/syndicates. The network of these 150 plus Investors batch has become an active group and has started successfully sourcing proprietary deals and executing the funding!


About the Program:

Running a business is very different from investing in one. So how do you make money from investing in early-stage startups? What sets successful startup investors apart? Should you pick your own investments, or rely on an angel network? How do you increase the probability of exits that your early-stage investments generate outsize returns?


Key Learning of the Program :

· How to source quality deal flow?

· What is the right question to ask before investing?

· How to support portfolio companies through the life cycle?

· Enable highly profitable liquidity events.

In addition to the critical pre-investment topics of deal flow, due diligence, and negotiation, this course  covers post-investment topics including governance, fundraising, and exit, as well as hands-on practice in evaluating opportunities. Angel Investing is a very challenging and competitive domain and extremely difficult to break into. This program is designed to enable others to navigate their own paths into the field.


· Venture, Angel and Startup Investing

· Difference Between Angel Funding & Venture Capital

· How To Create Startup Investment Deal Flow

· How To Discover Valuable Startups,

· Question to Ask Entrepreneurs on Moat

· Valuation of startups is an art or science

· Post Investment Engagement With Portfolio Companies Investors